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Study Art in Paris!


Whether you are in high school and looking to do a Bachelor’s degree, are in college and are looking to study abroad, have completed university and are exploring Master’s or Certificate programs, or at any age* want to spend the summer in Paris exploring your creativity, PCA has extraordinary study opportunities in the fine arts.

Rooted in a city of primary art and design production, PCA’s students experience the uniqueness of the Parisian metropolis that provides a rich source of visual inspiration. Sharing this experience with individuals from over 50 different countries gives our students a unique perspective on the variety of expression existing throughout the world.

*Students must be at least 16 years of age by the start of their program.

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Bachelor's Degree

PCA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs begin in the Foundation year, which will prepare you for the rigorous art and design education of each or our major areas of study. After completing this year you can choose to join any of our major areas of study, including the Fine Arts program.

The BFA in Fine Arts curriculum balances a full investigation of traditional media: drawing, painting and sculpture, with extensive explorations in video, installation, performance, photography and digital imaging.

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Master's Degree

In our MA/MFA in Drawing you will take part in a collaborative work that will bring your drawing practice into dialogue and exchange with artists, designers and creative professionals from other fields. If you are seeking new contexts for your work and experiences that will help you to develop as an artist, and if you wish to test out new methods, materials and ideas, this program is for you. As well, if you wish to transmit your practice and research the MFA program, with its focus on drawing in art and design education, is for you.

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Study Abroad at PCA

Paris College of Art offers an extraordinary study abroad program for college sophomores and juniors, or those with undergraduate degrees who wish to spend a semester or year experiencing the art, design, and culture of Paris.

Develop your artistic vision while being exposed to classical and contemporary art.

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Certificate Programs

The intensive curriculum of the Paris College of Art certificate programs offers a non-degree option for those wishing to launch a career transition, refine a professional level design portfolio, or prepare for entering a Masters degree program. The certificate programs are ideally suited for the mature student who already has an undergraduate degree and wishes to complete his/her education with a professional art and design concentration.

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Summer Program

The Paris College of Art Summer Program offers an exciting set of courses with a modern edge in the historically and artistically rich city of Paris. In these two-week long courses, introductory through advanced level students will explore art, design, culture, and language.

An international faculty comprised of professional artists and designers guide you through the colorful streets and neighborhoods of Paris.


Through field trips to museums, studios, boutiques, and design organizations, you will take advantage of the abundant resources the city has to offer; Paris will serve as both a subject matter and a source of inspiration. Studio work, lectures, and independent research projects will help you to develop new skills, refine your understanding of art and design, and create portfolio pieces for college or graduate school admissions.

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