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BFA Film Art Student Timofey Pozhitkov Interns at Y/Project


PCA students have many opportunities to intern during Paris Fashion Week. This season, our students interned at Y/Project, Rick Owens, Phillip Lim, Boon showroom, Kiki de Montparnasse, and ALC. Find out about Timofey’s experience with Y/Project!

Full name, department, nationality
Timofey Pozhitkov, BFA Film Art, Russian

Why did you want to do this internship and did it live up to your expectations?
I grew up in a household where fashion was always regarded as art, rather than a pragmatism. From a young age, I have been enchanted by the works of designers who through their work contorted and manipulated the human physique.

When I signed up for my program at PCA and Emerson College, I had expected to involve myself in as much fashion as was offered to me. I signed up for the internship not hoping for much, and when I saw an email offering a position at Y/Project, the world froze. Working for a brand that I have admired for many years was astonishing. It gave me so much insight as to what those twenty minutes of orchestrated catwalk perfection looked like behind the scenes.

Can you describe your responsibilities during the internship?
My primary responsibility was to assure that the models where clothed and ready to walk by the time of the show. However, I was also asked to help a few models during a quick change during the show, which, though seemingly chaotic, we executed well. By the end of the show, I was helping rearrange and pack the clothes.

Has this internship experience influenced your thoughts about your career?
Since my primary medium is film, this internship was more eye-opening to a separate passion of mine. Seeing the level of organisation, creativity, and collaboration backstage, however, is something any artist should be cautious and mindful of.

What did you gain from your internship?
An appreciation for models, who’s careers primarily centre around two months of total chaos annually.

Would you recommend this internship to another student?
Absolutely. No matter what department, you will learn valuable lessons from any experience.