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Paris Voted Best Student City in the World for Fourth Consecutive Year


Paris is the number one student city for the fourth consecutive year, according to the British organization QS Top Universities, based on categories including university rankings, student mix, desirability, employer activity and affordability.

Several new sources have been added to the QS Best Student Cities methodology this year, with the aim of providing a fuller reflection of each city’s desirability as a destination for international students. These include Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, The Economist’s Global Liveability Report, Numbeo’s indices of safety and pollution, and the Social Progress Index.

Not just one of the most visited countries on earth, France is also a major hub for foreign learners. More than 1/4 million international students flock through its gates each year, making it a top three country of choice for overseas study.

Studying abroad can be the adventure of a lifetime, promising new experiences and the discovery of different cultures. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn, enabling students to focus on specialist areas of study, embrace alternative learning opportunities, and perfect a foreign language. France delivers on all these points, which is why it’s among the top three choices for higher education with international students. This is a country with fantastic cultural heritage, diverse natural beauty, and one of the most prestigious education systems in the world.

Globally, in 2012 there were 4 million students in international mobility – a number that’s doubled in the past 10 years – while at the same time France has increased its population of foreign students by 68%. According to the latestUNESCO survey published in Le Figaro, France now takes a highly respectable bronze on the podium of countries welcoming foreign students. Just behind the USA and UK, France took a total of 271,399 international students in 2012, representing 6.8% (US 18.6%, UK 10.7%). Many of these students come from within nearby Europe, but plenty also arrive from the USA and China, making up a truly international mix.

According to the British organization QS Top Universities, which annually publishes 25 rankings for under and post-graduate studies, Paris is also the best student city in the world. Paris came first with a total of 404/500 points this year, beating-off close competition from London, Sydney and Melbourne. One of Paris’ stand-out assets compared to other capitals is the quality of life score. Paris also ranked high for attractiveness in the eyes of employers, with 96 points.

There is certainly a plethora of reasons why studying in France is appealing to those from around the globe. If you want to attend a prestigious institution in a country with a strong academic and artistic tradition, Paris is certainly the place for you.

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