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Boss Blog: Steps to a Great Logo Presentation

Teemu Paananen

When it comes to presenting a logo to a client, it is important to remember certain must-haves that will make your presentation be a success.

1. As a starter, because you are doing a presentation, make sure to be comfortable with the software you will be using. Create it in some sort of presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc) rather than settling for a single PDF.

2. With each client, it is important to make them aware of the process that you have gone through in order for the whole journey to be understood. Start by going through the brief so that the client knows you understood what they wanted from you as a designer.

3. Secondly, you should include some of the sketches and mood boards that lead you to the actual design you are about to present. Having a black and white version of your logo might not be enough and probably will leave the client wanting more and with a lot of questions.

4. After going through the brief, context, mood board and sketches, it is time to reveal the final design. Make sure you have reached an understanding with your client when it comes to a color palette, or if you are using an already existing one. Present your logo in the different colors agreed upon, one design per slide in order to give it room to breathe. This will help your client visualize it in different ways.

5. Next, it is time to take your logo towards a more concrete approach and show your client how it will look like in context. Present your logo in mockups with different scenarios, depending on the media outlets your client uses. It can be websites, social media, outdoor advertizing, stationery or other kinds of merchandizing, etc. This will help you show your client all the possibilities your design has, and contextualize it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve a successful presentation of your future designs!

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