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Boss Blog: How to Write your Website's 'About' Page

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As designers and artists, having a personal website or portfolio website is great way to showcase your work…

…Yet it is key to know what to say and how to say it to sell yourself the best way possible to your site visitors. Because writing your ‘About me’ page can be especially dreadful, we’re giving you a few tips from Kaye Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs, who took inspiration from the 5C Analysis marketing framework to create her Five C framework for Writing your Website’s About Page.

The Five C framework for Writing your Website’s About Page


You have to let the visitors know immediately they are in the right place, and so give them ‘context.’ This is where your ‘About’ section needs to be as clear as possible. Keep in mind that it’s not only about your biography, it’s about what you can offer them.


It’s what you believe in! This is when you have the opportunity to tap into that emotional connection with your potential client. Often known as the ‘manifesto’, this is where you share your unique point of view and what sets you apart from the rest.


Now that you have connected to your reader, is time for you to show them they can trust you. You can add the different places you have studied at, or had certificates from; publications you have been featured at, testimonials or reviews. Now that you have connected emotionally, you have data and logic to back it up.

Call to action – CTA

Now that your viewer has all the information they need it is important to guide them through the following steps. Do you want them to call? Email? Book an appointment perhaps? Let your reader know the best way to contact you and tell them how they can get more information.


Here is where all your ‘charm’ and funny hobbies come to play. It is important to add a humanizing touch to your website, but be careful to keep that for the end, as it is meant to be non-work-related details, here to create a connection with your reader. You can also add your social media.

Now it is time to get that writing done!

You can read the full article here.

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