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Feeling Bored? Try these!

Priscilla de Preez Pug

Have you found yourself feeling restless, bored, and agitated in a Netflix spiral? We all have those moments when we feel fed up with the new-norm of confinement, and that’s normal and OK!

So, if you are looking for innovative and fun ideas to kill that boredom, read Boss Blog’s suggestions below!

  • Have a picnic in your living room of your flat with your family or friends over zoom.
  • Take advantage of the days with good weather and go for a short walk through a nearby park.
  • If taking walks outside is not your thing, why not add a pair of wheels? Get on a bicycle, go skating or riding a scooter or a skateboard.
  • Work on your home garden and surround yourself with nice plants, or start a small herb garden in your kitchen. Learn how to propagate!
  • Watch an interesting documentary. Arte is a great platform with free streaming for German and French speakers.
  • Once in a while, a video game is a good option.
  • Sign up for online sports classes like yoga, dance, HIIT, pilates.
  • Light a scented candle and take a warm, relaxing bath if you’re lucky enough to have one, or put on a face mask!
  • Experiment with new hairstyles as a different look can have a lot of power over your everyday attitude.
  • Write a journal or start a novel. Putting our thoughts and ideas on paper is always therapeutic.
  • Learn a new recipe and surprise yourself with a different dinner or dessert. Follow @pcacooks for tips!
  • Update your resume and cover letter (we never know when a new opportunity may present itself.)
  • If you run, download apps like Strava so you can track your improvement and routes.
  • Learn a new manual skill. There are many tutorials you can find online for crocheting, knitting, making chemical-free household cleaning products, sewing, embroidery, book binding, etc.
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