Chair of Photography, Klaus Fruchtnis, curates the exhibition TIEMPO(s)


For the Bicentennial of the Declaration of the Independence and in commemoration of the five-year anniversary of Colombian Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez’s death, the Consulate of Colombia in France presents a series of exhibitions entitled TIEMPO(s), curated by PCA Chair of Photography and Associate Dean Klaus Fruchtnis.

This theme depicts the memories of the past, highlights actions in the present, and evokes a possible future in a permanent reconfiguration. It speaks to us equally of the possibility of transformation, necessary for a society where there is a lack of time and immediate memory. And, of course, remind us about the history of a country, which is woven by the stories of its inhabitants and reflects a national identity.

You are welcome to attend the opening of photographers Ana Cristina Villegas Calderón and Rodrigo on September 12th, 18h onwards. 

Consulate of Colombia in Paris
12 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris