fbpx Christophe Beauregard at Ségolène Brossette Galerie — PCA

"Face à moi mon image" by PCA Faculty Christophe Beauregard

Christophe Beauregard, 'Fleurs', 2021

Beauregard, invited by Ségolène Brossette, presents his latest color photographs, taken between February 2021 and July 2022. Starting with a question about gender and identity, he organized several sessions of poses in the studio with the same model, Vianney Desplantes, constructed and photographed still lifes, hollow portraits of a personal childhood.

The exhibition was conceived in dialogue with the creations and drawings of French designer Mathieu Delacroix.

In the gallery, the artists’ works face each other, the signs mix, thus disturbing the codes between the space of photography and those of drawing.

21.10.2022 – 19.11.2022
Opening on Thursday, October 20 | 18:00 to 21:00 pm

Christophe Beauregard

Galerie Ségolène Brossette