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Class of '10 Fashion Alumna Hadley Johnson


Since graduating in 2010, Hadley Johnson (from Kansas City, MO USA) has been creating her own fashion collections and showing her work internationally. As well, she has worked on collaborative projects with artists and performers. In 2012, Hadley opened her studio/shop in Kansas City, MO, where she favors the customer relationship. Of her work, Hadley says my connection to my studio and practice is to build a place to dream, feel and emote through making. The garments that I make are filled with this love, intuition and spirit.

Of the creative process, Hadley has some great advice:

Fashion and art making can be a lonely road so reconciling my ego and outside pressures has been some of the most difficult aspects. School gives you access to people who care about what you make and say. After that finding those people creates a harder challenge. Finding YOUR people is integral.

Since 2013, Hadley has been involved with a project called No More Nomads — a performance piece for which she created all the garments including a flamenco dress that also serves as a tent for nomads. No More Nomads was recently performed at the Kansas City Museum.

In addition to all of this, Hadley travels in the USA meeting prospective students and helping them prepare for studying at Paris College of Art. If you would like to speak to her and learn more about the PCA experience email Hadley.

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