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Class of '10 Fashion Alumna Nour Hage


Since graduating in 2010, Nour Hage (from Beirut, Lebanon) has been busy developing her own fashion business. We caught up with her recently to learn more about her professional practice.

Nour’s eponymous clothing line will soon celebrate its 6th year. Her most recent collection, Hyphen, is for men, women and everyone in between.

We are never just one thing. We don’t have one identity. We are a combination of wants, needs, desires, identities. All connected by a hyphen. Or a few hyphens.

The past year has been pivotal for people’s understanding of gender identity. I’ve always believed that menswear and womenswear weren’t very interesting ways to categorize clothes.

Nour plans to move to London in the near future and create a bridge between Beirut, the home base for her line and London, where she intends to open a shop that will showcase hers and other designers’ work.

Beyond her clothing brand, Nour is involved in numerous projects. She has recently been invited to participate in the first Female Entrepreneurship Program in the field of design, which will take place in Netherlands in April. The goal of this week-long program is to empower talented young women entrepreneurs who are passionate about design. As well, Nour teaches for Creative Space Beirut, a free fashion design school that provides creative design education to talented individuals who lack the resources to pursue a degree. Nour is also part of the Design Collective, a group Lebanese designers who promote local design and create pop-up concept boutiques.

Learn more about Nour Hage’s work.

In addition to all of this, Nour travels in the Middle East meeting prospective students and helping them prepare for studying at Paris College of Art. If you would like to speak to her and learn more about the PCA experience email Nour.

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