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Class of '15 Efisio Marras' SS19 Campaign

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Photography class of ’15 Efisio Marras recently showed his Spring Summer ’19 collection in Milan which featured a sneaker collaboration with Converse.

Using a giant roof garden as his stage, Marras drew inspiration for his collection from the California Dream – 1950s Cadillacs, Hollywood’s palm trees, and Venice Beach. His collection included long tiered summer dresses, printed sweats and tracksuits, small printed bags, with gas station and motel logos creating a whimsical feel.

The retro feel of his collection was highlighted by a collaboration with Converse. Marras customized 15 pairs of the classic white canvas ’70s Chuck Taylor All Star high-tops, with palm trees, beach houses, and crashing waves, which referenced his recent trip to California.

When asked about Converse and the collaboration, Marras said, “Converse has always been a part of my life. Since I was a child I used to wear them, I saw them worn by friends and parents. They are symbols of my generation and many others. They have been iconic from punk to pop and have accompanied, and continue to accompany, millions of people through billions of steps.”

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