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Contemporary Image Collections Graduate Symposium

Contemporary Image Collections

Call for Proposals: Contemporary Image Collections
April 29th, 2019

The Contemporary Image Collections symposium invites both poster and oral presentation submissions about the contemporary collection of images. While bringing together academics and professionals from the Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences, this symposium aims to redefine the “collection” in a present-day context.

The ways in which we think about and accumulate collections today is changing. Simultaneously, collections continue to drive human culture and societies, as they have for millennia. From gathering berries through amassing oil paintings to saving memes, collecting has served a variety of social functions.

In this context, some questions that may be posed include:

What is the role of collecting in the context of contemporary social networks?

Do public collections from social networks merge to create a communal collection that we contribute to, but also get lost in?

How does digital collection alter analog collection?

While images inherently connote visual experiences, different sensations can often cause pictures to emerge in the mind. How, then, do collections of various sense experiences reinforce or deconstruct this paradigm?

For artists, researchers, and academics, collections exist as a form of epistemology. How do collections function as tools for these practitioners today?

The artist collects images that manifest in installations and assemblage. The scientist relies on the collection and interpretation of empirical data to verify innovative hypotheses. The academic curates collections in order to weave strong arguments.

This symposium will culminate in a collection, itself. While oral presentations are well received, the body of this symposium will consist of presentational posters. In doing so, we acknowledge the importance of both ephemeral and physical forms of collections in society.

Types of Submissions from the Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences:

  • Talks
  • 10-minute oral presentation on contemporary image collections with digital slides (audio available if needed). 5 minutes for questions.
  • Posters
  • Ranging from conventional form; board style poster, to creative art installations.

Submissions: Please send a talk or poster abstract of no more than 250 words to the email listed below. There should be two versions of the abstract: one with your name and affiliation and one anonymous version without identifying information. References are not needed for abstracts.

PDF format accepted.
Email submissions to [email protected]

Submissions, due March 29, 2019, will be reviewed by the intermediate research students.

Initial collectors include:
El Dana, Carole (Lebanon) • Nderi, Louis (Kenya) • Pandolfo, Lucas Jaremczuk (Brazil) • Reece, Irene (USA) • Roth, Kendall (USA) • Astari Kasenda, Tara (Indonesia) • Brandel, Jonathan (USA) • Kalecik, Lara (Turkey) • Karim, Tahira Nusrat (Canada) • Kluchman, Collin (USA) • Lack, Rachel (Guatemala) • Obuobi, Ofo (Ghana) • Johnson, Joe (USA)

With faculty support from Paris College of Art: DoBui, Bien and Fruchtnis, Klaus.