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Bien Dobui

dobui bien

Graduate Research Coordinator & Adjunct Faculty


BA in French and Critical Social Theory at San Francisco State University in 2007. MA in linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center in 2013. PhD in linguistics at the Université Paris-Sorbonne in 2018.

English in the Economics department of l’Université Marne-la-Valllée (2015)
Language and society courses in the English department of l’Université Paris Panthéon (2016-2018)
Graduate courses in research methodology, Semiotics, Critical Thinking and Writing, Multilingual Paris at PCA (since 2017)

Bien’s research centers on language minorities in urban centers from multiple perspectives. Her doctoral work was a theoretical study of the phonology and morphology of Amuzgo, a language from the Otomanguean family of Mexico. She has done terrain work in Mexico, but also in urban centers where language diversity continues to grow. She has participated in numerous conferences in the field of theoretical linguistics (RFP, IsMO, etc.)

“Valorisation par la clandestinité : travail et éducation d’une association linguistique à New York, in Minorités invisibles, ed. Ksenija Léonard,” by Bien Dobui and Daniel Kaufman published Michel Houdiard in 2014.
“Résistance par l’élaboration linguistique : le cas de l’amuzgo », in Contacts (ou conflits) de langues en contexte postcommuniste et postcolonial,” by Bien DoBui published by Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée-PULM in 2017.

Research grantee for the project “Cross-mediated elicitation in Amuzgo: Application of a participatory and experimental model from the Meso-American Morphophonology Project”, Society of Endangered Languages (GBS) of the University of Cologne (2015).
Co-investigator in the French-Estonian project “Modeling Language & Dialects with Complexity Theory Program”, financed by the Hubert Curien Founcation under Campus France (2017-2018).