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MDRW 7 - Art Symposium and Signs

For the MDRW students, this week started at the L’AiR Arts symposium held in the 14th arrondissement at FIAP Jean Monnet. The symposiums theme was 1920/2020: Art, Culture, and the École de Paris.

There were 5 guest speakers, ranging from topics of women artists, filmmakers, poets and dancers. After the first panel talk, we headed back to PCA to attend their thesis one-on-one meetings with professor Bien Dobui. In these meetings, each student summated their historical context portion of their paper with Bien, and discussed how they would build the introduction section of their thesis.

Tuesday, students had a collaboration course with Théo Robine-Langlois, a writer and curator located in Paris. During the first day of the workshop, Théo had students travel outside and jot down descriptive notes of a person they saw. Students then had to write a story about this person, placing them in any context they’d like. Théo then had students go out and take photos of signs they saw in the streets. Returning to PCA, students drew these signs and picked one to become part of a story they would write. The sign they chose would replace one word in their story.

Wednesday was the second workshop day for the collaboration course with Théo. In the morning, students were to arrive with a ten minute long voice memo, rambling about whatever they’d like. They then listened to their voice memo, writing, verbatim, each word and filler word they heard. Following this, Théo instructed students to write this text in a way which they thought conveyed the emotion, change of tone, or any other nuance they heard within their voice memo.

Thursday evening, a few of the MDRW students attended the Professional Networking Series course. This week’s guest was Stephanie Zeller, a lawyer at the Paris bar who specializes in intellectual property issues. For Zeller’s presentation, she chose to give an informative and in-depth overview of the copyright and trademark process to the students in the course. This course marked the end of the week for most MDRW students.

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Bien Dobui.