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MDRW 5 - First Week Back

MFA drawing student Isabel Moura's art.

After having almost a month off for winter holidays, classes started up again Monday, January 13th. Although the transportation strike is still making it very difficult for many students to get to school, things have improved slightly and classes are going on as usual.

For MDRW students, this semester is a little different. Depending if you are an MA or MFA, you are taking a few different classes. This MDRW article is written by an MA student, meaning that this semester, unlike my MFA colleagues, I am taking a thesis writing course that they are not obligated to take. More so, there is also a networking course that I was placed into as an MA that is not required for the MFA students, however there are a few who joined it on their own.

On Monday, all the MDRW, as well as other master’s students, started the day with a course titled Intermediate Research and Methodology with professor Hiie Saumaa. Being the first day of class, we spent most of the time discussing the syllabus, what will be expected of us students, and doing a quick writing assignment about how and why we research.

After a lunch break, MA students attended their next class, which is a thesis writing course, titled Master’s Thesis, with professor Bien Doubi. In this class, they discussed the timeline that they will be expected to follow this semester until they hand in their final thesis.

Tuesday, MDRW students had the orientation class for the Collaboration course series. Professor Véronique Devoldere walked students through the syllabus, explaining that each week, a different artist from a different media will come to teach a workshop to the class. These workshops will take place during the Collaboration course period on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Wednesday, since there was no artist as it is the first week of the semester, MDRW students did not have the Collaboration course. The MFA students had other elective classes they were able to attend, however, the one MA Drawing student met with professor Devoldere for the MA Degree Project class. In this course, they built a scaffolding for the semester leading up to the graduating student exhibition that will take place in May.

Thursday morning, MFA students had their Masterclass Series II on natural forms with professor Chloe Briggs. In it, they dissected hyacinth bulbs and drew the process of dissecting.

Thursday night, some MDRW students attended the evening course titled Professional Networking Series. Each week in this course, a different art world professional comes to talk to students about their work, how they got to their current job or project, and hold a question and answer session. For each professional, two students meet with them prior to the presentation to discuss and help facilitate the class that they will present in. This week, the guest was French filmmaker Sebastien Loghman. Students gave a great, in-depth presentation of Sebastien’s works, spanning over music video, short film and even virtual reality games. This course concluded the school week for MDRW students.

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