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MDRW 8 - Collaborative Editing

For MA/MFA in Drawing students, this week started with the Intermediate Research and Methodology course on Monday morning with professor Hiie Saauma. The class started by discussing where students are in relation to their thesis writing. Students and Hiie shared tips on how to combat writers block and how to structure your schedule to give yourself time to write, but to also schedule time to have fun and de-stress. After, Hiie discussed the article which was due as homework for that day. They discussed Carlo Ginzburg and Anna Davin’s article titled, “Morelli, Freud and Sherlock Holmes: Clues and Scientific Method.” For the remainder of the class, students shared their thoughts on the article and discussed in groups the parts that resonated most with them.

Later that day on Monday, MA students had individual meetings with professor Bien Dobui to discuss their introduction and first chapter of their thesis. These meetings lasted around 15 minutes and helped students gain insight in regards to what they need to change within their introductions and how to proceed for following chapters within their papers.

Tuesday, M(F)A Drawing students had the last day of their Collaboration course workshop with Théo Robine-Langlois, in which they taped all of the texts they had written in his workshop the week prior and put them on the wall.

They then read all of the texts from their classmates and chose one to work on and edit for the remainder of the day. Students were encouraged to change these texts and to write them in an aesthetically typographic way which visualized the emotion or storyline within them. They worked on this for the majority of the day, and ended the workshop with a presentation of all the works they created with an open discussion around it.

Thursday night, Masters in Drawing students had the Professional Networking series course. This week, the guest speaker was Arnaud Berthereau, who works in Paris as a product and interior designer at Studio Briand Berthereau. Moderators presented him, and he showed students a presentation around his work and how he goes about designing objects and interior spaces. This was followed by a Q and A session.

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