fbpx Design Management Class of 06′ Alumna Christelle Enquist & Her Most Recent Project — PCA

Design Management Class of 06' Alumna Christelle Enquist launches Raw Photo Tours

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Raw Photo Tours

PCA alumna Christelle Enquist has lived as an expat for pretty much her entire life. She recently left her steady paying job to pursue her dream of travel and volunteering. Somewhere in between she discovered an enticing passion for photography.

Today, she exposes us (pun intended) to her newest project Raw Photo Tours, a project making her dream a reality for others. The program runs as an 11 day photo excursion touring the streets of Nepal, practicing and experimenting in documentary style photography. The tours are open to all, photo students check her out! Go explore!

You can check the project’s website here, and a teaser video below!

“It’s all out there, waiting to be captured.”