fbpx Developing Virtues: Interview with Sol Bannatyne Communication Design — PCA


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Soledad Esteve Bannatyne or as she’s known here, Sol, is earning her degree in Communication Design and is finishing up in May of 2022. We featured her in our newsletter, LOOP, and discovered that we have things in common with her and have a lot of admiration for her transparency and honesty. Read on for the full reveal and about how she feels about Paris!

Where do you call home?
I used to call Mallorca, Spain my home but, this year over December, something changed and I went from saying that I’m from Mallorca and live in Paris to saying that I live in Paris and come from Mallorca. I after 5 years feel like Paris is my home.

What inspired you to study at PCA?
I honestly knew what I didn’t what to do very well but wasn’t too sure about what exactly I wanted to do. I knew it was something artistic and PCA offered a foundation program. It sounded appealing to me, the idea of being able to explore with different mediums.

What has been the most valuable thing you’ve learned in your program?
That my dyslexia is actually not a flaw but a virtue.

We can relate to that! What excites you most about your degree program at PCA?
I found myself as an artist. I remember being so intimidated my first year by seeing other people’s work. I felt like I was so unartistic and that it wasn’t rooted in my life like it was in other students or faculty members. Seeing my journey and looking back, I haven’t only developed my identity as a designer but, that identity has developed a side of my own character as a person that I never knew it existed.

What do you think is next for you after PCA? Do you already have something lined up?
I am honestly not stressed about my next step. I know I have opened many doors for myself these past four years, giving myself options for May.

What have you loved most about living & studying in Paris or Europe in general?
The life I’ve created, the people I’ve surrounded myself with, and the person I’ve become. I’m in love with the city I live in.

We are too.