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Drawing Is Free: From My Window


Drawing is Free: From my Window
By Chloe Briggs

The next Drawing is Free session, titled, From My Window will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 14:00-17:00 (Central European Time) at PCA. Off-site participants will be partnered with those in Paris via Skype to collaborate on the creation of drawings. Each participant will describe a view from their window wherever they are in the world and the other will draw what is unseen to them. All images created will be shared via Instagram using #drawingisfree and results will be diffused on the PCA Instagram account.

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We recently talked to Chloe Briggs about her project:

What is Drawing is Free?
To my knowledge, in Paris there isn’t a place where you can just go and draw collectively for free. Drawing is Free is a series of events around drawing that take place anywhere in Paris and are open to the general public, as well as the community of Paris College of Art. Since 2013, this project has been slowly developing, but it’s about to gain momentum. There is a lot of interest and people who have already taken part have given positive feedback. In other words, Drawing is Free is a form of association that is supported by PCA that wants to reach a broader audience in Paris and beyond. Children, young people who don’t have access to education…

So concretely what do you do?
We set up events around a theme. There is no teacher, we create an environment with a certain amount of structure where people can come and draw freely together. Recently we collaborated with, ‘De lignes en lignes’,-,- a project that had recently published, ‘De Lignes en Lignes: L’art discret du croquis du metro’ a collection of drawings that people make in the metro. There is a whole community of people who draw on their daily commute. Nicolas Barberon who conceived the project put on an exhibition at PCA of drawings from the book. We designed a Drawing is Free event inspired by the work. It was amazing, we drew in small groups in the metro and carriages felt like our studios – the general public were really fascinated by what we did and we came back and shared the results with each other. My ambition is that we share some of the energy and excitement of our studios at PCA with more people in Paris.

Drawing is Free – From My Window
Saturday 9 April, 2016 | 14:00-17:00 (Central European Time)
PCA, 15 rue Fénelon, 75010

For more information, visit the Drawing is Free website.