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Drawing is Free on Mondays at PCA

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Drawing is Free was first proposed at Paris College of Art as a way of bringing the school community together to draw and now this invitation is extended to the wider public. Sessions are open to all and there is no teacher, but a theme sets the subject and the rhythm of the drawing activities.

People love to draw. People who think they don’t know how to draw love it too, if they are given the chance. Drawing is mostly inexpensive, transportable, and can be made anywhere without much time or many resources. An artist and/or designer can keep drawing when all other opportunities to make work are limited. To know that you can always draw is liberating to a creative person. Sharing the experience of drawing with others creates energy in a room.

So if you want to create and share your energy, join us for Drawing is Free.

When ?
Every Monday from 9am to 10am at PCA.

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