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Faculty Solimán López to Show at Nuit Blanche, Paris 2019

GRID by Soliman Lopez

As the days shorten and autumn heralds winter, the Nuit Blanche event in Paris invites you to see the city in a different way, at night, lit by moonlight, neons and other lights.

On the first Saturday in October, in all parts of the city, artists will be proposing installations, exhibitions, concerts performances, trails, staged scene sets and creations that explore all facets of contemporary art and offer a new view of the city.

Public transport stays open all night so that spectators can design their own route among the dozens of avant-garde projects of international artists. The Nuit Blanche was first organized in 2002, and, like the Fête de la Musique, it has spread around the world to other cities in France and other European capitals, a proof of its popularity and relevance today.

Come see the public installation at Place de la Bourse on Saturday October 5, 2019. GRID is conceived as an interactive audiovisual symphony modulated by the wifi signal from devices around 40 meters. The interface, designed to be projected in two large scale video projectors, changes in real time thanks to a custom software. The project is curated by Carlos Sánchez.

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