Alessandro Carabini



Founder of ABACO, an idea-driven architecture and design firm operating at the intersection of space, technologies and art. Licensed architect interested in computational design, digital fabrication and smart technologies applied to urban spaces. Education DPLG in France (2015) and Italy (2013), he studied Architecture (2009) and Sustainable Design (2012) at the IUAV University of Venice. Teaching experience Reaction Workshop Series on data-driven design and parametric architecture, Paris (2013-2014). Professional Experience ABACO, Paris / Italy (current); Jackob Macfarlane Architects, Paris; Nabito Arquitectura, Barcelona; Coudamy Architectures, Paris; GT, London; Djuric Tardio Architectes, Paris, and many other collaborations with architecture and design firms as digital design and fabrication expert. Clients Barilla, Italy; Sella Foundation, Italy; Fertel Hospitality Group, France; Foncia, France. Publications Be City Smart (Overview, 2013); 7 Thesis generating new development (VoD IUAV, 2012); Marghera Multifaces (VoD IUAV, 2012). EXHIBITIONS Ruins from the future, Milan Design Week, Milan (2013); RePLAY, Padoua (2013); Sur la Table, Biennale Capocchin, Cortina d’Ampezzo (2015); Palomar, Biennale Maggia, Biella (2015); Lune, EXPO Universal Exposition, Milan (2015); Caesura, Mies Foundation, Barcelona (2016). Awards Prix Maggia, Biella (2015), Florim Award, Milan (2016), Emerging talent of the city, Padoua (2016).