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Eric Vernhes

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Adjunct Faculty

Since obtaining a Master Degree in Architecture under the direction of Paul Virilio, Eric Vernhes has been working in film production alongside Anatole Dauman (Argos films). This has given him the opportunity to make his first forays into fictional films and documentaries. Convinced that cinema is as a global medium, he lends his hand to writing, editing, producing and sound creation for his production company Les Productions Polaires. Seeking more intuitive modes of expression than those found in conventional audio-visual media, he starting producing experimental videos and using computer tools to condense editing, image/sound processing and broadcasting into a single step.

Work History
from 2008, he creates kinetic, visual and sound installation artworks whose behavior is programmed in some self-generative, interactive or hybrid logic. Eric Vernhes work tends towards a resolutely humanistic proposal. The digital process he is using are extracted from their technical background to serve a timeless discourse inspired by literature and philosophy. Teaching at the School Des Ponts et Chaussée in Paris an MA course titledComputational Design, Digital Manufacturing and Building Technologies”, 2016; Represented in Paris by Charlot Gallery, the work of Eric Vernhes is shown in international exhibitions, art centers and foundations.

Recent Exhibitions and Projects
“Intèrieur” , solo exhibition, Galerie Charlot, Paris , 2016; Festival Phtophore , Tremblay en France, 2016; “De notre Nature” Commanderie des Templiers , solo exhibition, Saint Quentin en Yvelines , 2016; “J’y étais, alors je m’en souviens” , Maison de la Catalanité, Perpignan, 2016; Slick Paris, 2015; Art Paris Art Fair 2015; “Light Moments“, Baselworld , Basel, 2015; Commision by the Hermès Group, 2015; Galerie Hubert Winter, 2014, Vienna; Fondation Artphilein, 2014, Locarno;Scope Basel , 2014; Abbaye de Saint Riquier, 2014; Galerie Charlot, solo exhibition, Paris, 2013; Slick Paris, 2013; Show Off Paris – The media Art Fair, 2013.


PCA Faculty Eric Vernhes for Hermès

Hermès commissioned multi-media artist Eric Vernhes to create 'Handmade': an abstract audio-visual composition, for the grand opening of their new flagship store in Palo Alto, California.