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Finding a Job During Recession/Pandemic

Christin Hume, Unsplash

Are you currently searching for a job to kickstart your career post-grad or checking out internship opportunities? Some companies might still be trying to pivot for the new normal and for however long it might last. Others might even be adapting to prepare for an economic downturn. The job market for a creative professional might look a little different right now but opportunities are still out there. Today boss blog will give you some tips to help you navigate the job search during a pandemic or economic recession.

Consider your goals

Before starting on the job search, reflect on what you’re looking for in your next job/opportunity. Are you hoping to find a long-term position or a short internship? Are you looking for a permanent or temporary position? Knowing your goals will help you to focus your energy in the right direction.

Consider trying a short-term or freelance role to keep working on your skills while you search for your dream job. If you’re looking for an internship, make a list of the companies that you find the most interesting and reach out to them even if an internship is not advertised.

Try Digital Networking

In-person networking events might be a little limited at this time but opportunities for making connections are endless if you look online. Start with a social media site where you are the most active and where you can connect with professionals in your desired field.

Do you have a professional account on Instagram that you use to share your work? Try reaching out to like-minded artists/professionals that you see on your feed. Even if they don’t have a position to offer, they might be able to point you in the right direction. You can do the same on LinkedIn, Behance, or other similar platforms. You might be surprised at how open others are to share how they built the career they have or give you contact details for possible opportunities. Remember to be authentic, personable, and respectful when reaching out to others online.

Market Yourself

Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to share your beautiful work! Even if you only have student projects, set up a portfolio, or share your work on social media. Set yourself up by showing your ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the job that you want.

If you’re looking for jobs as a graphic designer in the fashion industry, show your projects that reflect this goal. If you don’t have any, use your free time to design for some hypothetical products to show-off your skills to potential hiring managers. Use your extra time now to get your portfolio up-to-date and make sure to have someone review your CV if possible.

Learn a new skill

A great way to get your CV on top of the pile is to get up to date on the latest skills that employers are looking for in your field. Take a look at the job descriptions in your preferred field to take note of commonly required skills. Consider taking an online course to gain the most useful skills and get an extra foot in the door.

Be Persistent

There’s a lot that we cannot control right now but we can always control what we bring to the table. Once you have your plan established, keep at it. Remember that it is possible to find meaningful job opportunities even during this time. Some of the most well-known companies like Airbnb and Uber were founded during the last economic recession. So, stick to your plan, be persistent, don’t be afraid to connect with others online, and market your best work.