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Websites to Start Your Internship Search

Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Are you starting to browse around for internships or new job opportunities?

There are countless job lists out there to choose from. Today, Boss Blog is giving you a list of the best websites to look for a creative job opportunity, whether in France or internationally.


Dribble is a “show and tell” platform for designers to post their latest projects. It’s a great place to host your portfolio so that it can be easily found by creative agencies or companies. The site also has its own list of jobs in the art and design field, linked directly to the profile of the hiring company.


Powered by Adobe, Behance is a one-stop-shop for many creative professionals to find inspiration, show their work, and make connections in the field. They also have a great list of jobs for creative professionals of all types all over the world.

Erasmus Intern

This website is coordinated by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) which is a non-profit organization seeking to provide cultural and self-development opportunities for students. The website provides an extensive list of internships and temporary positions in many different fields.

Welcome to the Jungle

A great source for information about working in various industries, learning about and connecting with hiring companies, as well as an extensive job list. It is especially useful for finding opportunities in France.


As the world’s largest professional network, Linkedin has 722 million members worldwide! It has an advanced search feature to filter for any type of opportunity you’re seeking.


Indeed is an employment search engine with opportunities worldwide. Their search engine allows for precise filtering based on job type, location, and even salary.


If you’re confident in your French speaking skills and are looking for a job around France, try out this website. There’s a great range of internship opportunities in cities like Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux. You can also learn more about certain career paths or fields by looking them up.


An international source for career opportunities and helpful advice. It is a great place to search for jobs regardless of your desired location.