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Fine Arts Alumni Archie Chekatouski: Solo Exhibition "The Second Show"

archie chekatouski

BFA Fine Arts class of ’19 Archie Chekatouski is pleased to invite you to his home for his second show — The Second Show — presenting new pieces, installation and video on March 14, 2020.

Edit 18/03/2020 – view the exhibition online!

Archie Chekatouski works with mixed media.
With a subtle minimalistic approach, he creates situations in which familiar objects are altered or displaced, often directly responding to their surroundings. Through interventions and manipulations, exaggerating certain formal aspects, he makes works that can be seen as – and often are, self-portraits.

Based on inspiring situations they reflect a sensation of indisputability and serene contemplation, combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric humoristic elements. By taking daily life as subject matter he creates works which are thoroughly self-referential, yet no less aesthetically pleasing, questioning the profound meaning through superficiality of the appearance. Fascination with the clarity of content, uncompromising attitude and the clear references are key elements in the work which let the initially unambiguous meanings stay unambiguous.


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