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Fine Arts Class of '14 Abi Tariq at Paris-Cologne Performance-Night

abi tariq performance

Fine Arts class of ’14 Abi Tariq is part of a group show with Alaingo, Sorour Darabi, Pablo Giw, Kelvin Kilonzo, Kendall Miyake-Mugler, Alex Mugler, Lasseindra Ninja, Ordinateur, Janina Warnk and voguers from the House of Melody.


Do not forget to bring your ID card, or you will miss the performance will take place at Paris-Köln Performance-Nacht and will be hosted by the Academy of the Arts of the World on May 6, 2017.

Abi Tariq will present a live sound performance as a culmination of sessions on the streets of Paris where feelings of intercultural anxiety and otherness were transformed into song.

At first, the audience in Cologne will have an opportunity to embody the Parisian passer-by, and upon submitting any form of ID, gain access to a deeper layer of the performance.

Poetic and abstract in felt emotion yet confrontational and political in commenting on the bureaucracy, inaccessibility, and exclusivity presented to an ‘alien’/ étranger in France.

Abi Tariq is a Pakistani conceptual and performance artist based in Paris. He crafts site and context-specific experiences, installations and transmissions inspired by the complex and often complicated entanglements between language, culture, and power.

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Congratulations Abi!