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Fine Arts Class of '15 Kelly Halabi - Solo Exhibition


Fine Arts Class of ’15 Kelly Halabi had her first solo exhibition in Lugano, Switzerland at AimoRoom concept store between October 20-22, 2016.

Kelly displayed a collection of over 40 textured and abstract works of painting and sculpture.

Through the tireless application of color and texture Kelly Halabi’s work transports the viewer into a world of timeless fragmented beauty. The body of work presented in “Before You Slip into Unconsciousness” is a study of pigment, material, structure and shapes, that achieve indefectible cohesion through an apparent abstraction. Not conning herself to the classical medium of paint on canvas, Kelly continuously explores the infinite possibilities that surround her. It is this endless curiosity that makes her work so effortlessly captivating. Layers of paint, paper, wire, plastic, styrofoam, glue, rope, and tape are just some of the materials that come together under Kelly’s talented hands; her unique vision and ability to fuse found objects together al- low for her story to transpire. By re-appropriating the purpose of these objects she is redefining them, thus giving them a new life. It is the destruction of the object’s primary intention that creates a palpable tension lined with furious anxiety. Kelly’s work is perforated with memories of a destruction-stricken Beirut, and of war wounds she saw in her youth on the buildings and in the eyes of the people surrounding her, all resonating strongly throughout her work. In a world where chaos prevails she finds a way to tame the uncontrollable application of form to surface, al- lowing materials to coalesce into unexpected patterns. She relentlessly absorbs the kinetic energy of her experiences and interactions, translating it into a precise visual language. This all gives birth to a turbulent space where the rational relents to the irrational. The constant push and pull of emotions and cultures brings forth a semiconscious state of mind where structures are stripped down to their essence and a new physical and psychological depth is attained.

-Cristina Bove

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