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Fine Arts Class of '20 Harriet Ryu and Ioi Choi Presents: Boudin Rouge

Boudin Rouge

Boudin Rouge is a collaborative exhibition to raise awareness for the Comfort Women during the occupation of Japan in World War 2.

For what we think is a given, for what we think is a liability;

A luxury, lavishness, a bed of roses, milk with honey; never even learning to bud, countless flowers perished, burned and tore apart under the merciless mutilation.

The occupation of Japan lasted nearly 30 years.

During the 30 years over 300,000 women were taken from their homes.

More than half of the women were Korean.

At the age of 16, 300,000 girls had their life shattered.

At the age of 21, 300,000 girls had to live with permanent scars.

At the age of 30, 300,000 girls had to hide of embarrassment.

At the age of 58, 300,000 girls had their own shun them from love.

At the age of 86, one spoke out.

Why hide.

Why disappear.

Why veil.

Ignorance is the devils fruit.

Consume it you will earn eternal peace, consume it you will earn stillness

But the stillness.

The stillness

It will suffocate you, it will asphyxiate your very soul brimming your very existence cremating the mere molecules that make your trifling actuality.

If the devil welcomed you into the depths of hell I hope you hold his hand.

If the devil cared for your ashen soul I hope you crush under his breath.

If the devil praised your sickening deeds I hope you bleed his love.

For there will never be,

for there will never exist a time where you will close your eyes in peace

For there will never exist a time where your hands fold over yourself cleanly to touch the evaporating being that creates your abhorrent self.

Will time ever erase something that weaves itself within?

More information on the artists:
Harriet Ryu
Instagram: @rougereitte

Ioi Choi
Instagram: @ioi.choi

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