Fine Arts Faculty Juliette Vivier to Exhibit 'Chaosmos' at Manifestampe

Juliette Vivier, sérigraphie sur papier (détail), 21x29,7cm, 2018 / édition Manifestampe, imprimée au Paris Print Club

Manifestampe presents Fine Arts Faculty, Juliette Vivier’s prints (engravings and serigraphs), drawings, and ceramics.

Juliette explores projects centered on the broader idea of landscape: focusing in particular on their random components: organized disorders of nature, “chaosmos” (James Joyce) formed through reliefs and folds.

Anchored in a free approach and weaving unexpected links between mediums, she creates hybrid prints. This is indeed sometimes associated with cutting and gluing gestures, but also with digital technologies such as 3D modeling.

The exhibit will take place at Manifestampe, from March 13-18, 2019. The exhibition opening will take place on Thursday, March 14, 6pm.

To see Juliette’s current projects, please visit her website.

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