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PCA Faculty Member Didier Clain Presents "Secteur(s) Reciproque(s)" at Saint Denis de la Réunion

Growing up in La Réunion, Didier Clain has always been passionate about arts and more specifically fine arts. In order to fulfill his dream, he moved to France where there are many more opportunities than back home.

Today, the artist presents his new exhibition titled “Secteur(s) reciproque(s)” where he takes us from La Réunion to Philadelphia, the artist exposes a retrospective of his work throughout own his journey.

“I am first and foremost an artist. I have ideas and I always manage to find the best way to express myself or collaborate when I work with other artists. It’s been five years since I have moved to Paris and I have worked in parallel on my own projects, in a small coworking space in Montmartre with some of my friends”

Secteur(s) reciproque(s)

When: Until March 15th, 2017

Where: Rue Roland Garros, Saint-Denis (REUNION)

Read more at Le journal de la Réunion.

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