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PCA Faculty Félicie D'Estienne D'Orves Takes Part in Marseille Art Gallery Exhibition

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Photo Credit © Félicie D'Estienne D'Orves

Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves is a PCA Fine Arts faculty and visual artist. Her work combines light, sculpture, and new technologies. Her research focuses on vision, its processes, and conditioning. Her immersive installations use a phenomenological approach to reality: they underscore the perception of time as a continuum. Since 2014, the artist’s research has focused on space in relation to astrophysics and the study of natural light cycles. Her work has been shown at the Centre Pompidou – Nuit Blanche (Paris) – New Art Space / Sonic Acts (Amsterdam) – Watermans Arts Center (London) – Elektra Festival / BIAN (Montreal) – Maison des Arts of Créteil (Créteil/FR) – Le Centquatre / Nemo International Biennial of Digital Arts (Paris) – OCAT (Shanghai) – ICAS (Dresden) – Aram Art Museum (Goyang /KR).

From January 25 to May 5, 2018, Félicie’s series, Étalon lumière (Light stallion), will be on display at the Catherine Bastide Gallery in Marseille, France. The series Étalon lumière reintroduces the idea of cosmic time regarding the natural rhythms as system of reference. Every stallion corresponds to an object of the solar system and follows the time which the light needs to reach the Earth for each of them: ~ 8 minutes for the Sun, 2 till 14 minutes for Venus, 3 till 22 minutes for Mars.

In collaboration with Fabio Acero, astrophysicist at laboratory AIM / of CEA. Data of ephemeris: NASA. Electronics: Roman Chandler-Fry (Ledbox) & Nicolas Misretta.

This exhibition also includes the artworks of Jérémie Bennequin, Patrick Bernatchez, Julien Berthier, Nicolas Bourthoumieux, Marc Buchy, Claude Closky, Hanne Darboven, Alec De Busschère, David de Tscharner, Mark Geffriaud, On Kawara, Joseph Kosuth, LAb[au], Peter Lemmens, Albertine Meunier, Roman Opalka, Bertrand Planes, Sébastien Reuzé, Yann Sérandour, Seth Siegelaub, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Noémie Vulpian.

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