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FRAC Normandie Presents: Diogo Pimentão

FRAC Normandy is holding major exhibition of PCA’s faculty member, Portugese-born artist Diogo Pimentão.

Titled “Drawing in Reverse,” it is the first monograph exhibition of Pimentão’s work in France. This exhibition brings together around 40 works, retracting more than 15 years of resolutely transversal research on drawing. In his work, Pimentão explores the porosity between the body and space.

“Using the designer’s basic tools, graphite and paper, he deploys his work in space and extends drawing to three dimensions, including his gesture at the heart of a performative, even choreographic approach. The walls of the exhibition become surfaces to invest where the paper plays on the ambiguity of its status between medium, material, surface and trompe-l’oeil. Diogo Pimentão’s original approach to drawing will be revealed through a journey combining early work and new productions specially designed for this exhibition.”
– FRAC Normandy

The exhibition will be accompanied by multiple events, such two as a choreographic collaboration performances held by Pimentão and an artist talk.

See the exhibition at FRAC Normandie Rouen starting January 25, 2020, through April 01, 2020.

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