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HELENE FROMEN '21 MFA in Drawing Alumna Update

Monstre by Helene Fromen '21 MFA in Drawing

Helene Fromen, MFA in Drawing class of 2021, is pushing her practice both into drawing from life (especially as co-founder of Modele vivant.e  collective) and performing. The image above is taken out of her recent Monstre-moi performed lecture that intends to push her body to the limit of grotesque metamorphosis. She is presently working on expanding her MFA thesis and narrating her research and experience into the form of a graphic novel. Her coming exhibition will encompass drawing, performance and creative writing workshops, in collaboration with artist Arthur Mesnard-Salis and Curator Lucie Camous and will take place at Le 6b in Saint-Denis (93) : check out @contrefictions on Instagram.

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