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Véronique Devoldère

Véronique Devoldère
Fine Arts Chair, Professor

Chair of Fine Arts

Artist and educator.

BA (1986) in Fine Arts in printmaking and painting from Connecticut College, and a MFA (1989) in “Image Imprimée” (printmaking) from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Work History

Involved in art education since graduating from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris, she has worked in many art schools in Paris, including ENSAD, Parsons Paris, and PCA. Her extensive experience teaching all levels of drawing at the bachelor’s and graduate levels allowed her to design and teach ‘Junior Studio Concepts’ and ‘Senior Studio Concepts’ courses. In 2009 she was appointed to create a bilingual French-English foundation course based on the European model called Atelier of Art, preparing students for international art schools. In 2011, she became the Chair of the Fine Arts department at Paris College of Art, and in 2017, created the MA/MFA in Drawing. Her educational research, including the writing and creation of various fine arts programs, is based on her years of experience teaching drawing, her artistic practice, residencies, and collaborations.

Since her first residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, her artistic practice is drawing based, with projects that focus on the archive, and forms of narratives. Narratives based on true stories or invented ones when the references or archives have gone missing are more often based on social issues related to women or to subject matters connected to humans.

Recent Exhibitions

The actual gesture and physical drawing process trace different experiences, facing time through a sudden awareness of the urgency, and praise resilience and courage. Each drawing becomes a daily notation or time fragment telling a person’s story in Chairs, and Notebook. Working in situ, she reveals the traces and leftover fragments through a reinvented cartography in Blue Wall, residency at the historical Atelier 11 Cité Falguière – Paris, 2021-2022; invested the confinement cells in Rooms with a view, drawing in situ for 7 months in a psychiatric hospital, 2021; or a shared exhibition and conference with a neuroscientist to talk about Alzheimer in 2022. In Chronicles, 2022, through a creative writing project, she creates new work for a group exhibition by the experimental drawing research group Phantom Limn. Phantom Limn is an ongoing collaboration between artists whose work incorporates different systems of experimental drawing. In Cartographies, entre Indices et Récits, 2022, in collaboration with Didier Clain based on their artistic practices, created a series of monumental drawings and drawing protocol for Drawing Now’s Printemps du Dessin.

Recent publications
She contributed to: “The Nabokov Paper”, an experiment in novel-reading, published by Information as Material, and “Collection 4 – Art & Design Education”, an essay about a collaborative drawing project designed in 2009 with Chloe Briggs titled “Paroles et Dessins”, a live performance/experimental class using Skype performed at the “CentQuatre” in Paris, Matt’s Gallery in London and Parsons the New School in New York.