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Drawing My Body / My Body Drawing Workshop


Based on The Embodied Experience in Drawing Workshop they gave in Summer 2018 in Plymouth UK, PCA’s Department Chairs Véronique Devoldère and Chloé Briggs will lead l’Air Arts residents in a sensory exploration of drawing.

The workshop will have three stages: 1) participants draw from a reclining position and with their eyes closed; 2) participants work moving from kneeling to crouching as they slowly open their eyes; 3) participants complete their drawings from a standing position, with eyes open. Throughout, a variety of musical scores will be played.

The questions that we hope to raise are:
How much of your body do you use when drawing?
What is your particular mind-body dynamic when making a drawing image?
What qualities in drawing differ between a ‘blind,’ ‘felt’ mark and a consciously directed line?
How does sound affect the senses particularly when drawing?

This workshop is only open to residents of the l’Air Arts residency.

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