fbpx Mois du Dessin 2020 at PCA – Workshop: BEASTS — PCA

Mois du Dessin 2020 at PCA - Workshop: BEASTS

Drawing on the poster by Jackson.

The Mois du Dessin created by the Drawing Now Art Fair, will take place this March 2020 in various Parisian institutions and art centers.


PCA’s Chair of MA/MFA Drawing Véronique Devoldère, and Chair of Foundation and founder of Drawing is Free Chloe Briggs will host a collaborative workshop at PCA’s Espace F15 entitled “Beasts.”

The workshop will revolve around a simultaneous work of teachers and artists over a five day period. Participants from all ages are invited to intervene through drawing in the project as it evolves. The graphic responses will inspire the work of Briggs and Devoldère, who will inspire the following drawing-based project with a new group, and so on until the end of the week.

These projects, which will have been reinvented throughout the week, will be exhibited in PCA’s Espace F15 gallery.

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