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A GROUP SHOW Featuring PCA alumna Christine Forni '17 BFA in Fine Arts

PCA_Fragments by Christine Forni '21 3 & 4.sm copy
Fragments by Christine Forni '21

Christine Forni, who graduated from PCA in 2017 BFA in Fine Arts, is part of a group show featuring Abraham Cone, Hai-Wen Lin, Katie Vota and Jake Fagundo. In a recent interview, Forni told us, that “PCA helped to make the artist residencies possible while I attended college. I wrote a proposal and Chloe (Chloe Briggs is an aritst Foundation program Chair) went to a meeting with me to make the residency happen. I’m very grateful for my time living abroad and attending PCA. Veronique is an amazing person and teacher.”

About her work, Forni says, “In my new paintings I capture light though glass, porcelain, minerals and paintskins. I’ve pulled from a hybrid of my past memories and skills using my archive of small porcelain sculptures made while attending Paris College of Art and having residencies at the Comparative Anatomy Gallery in Paris and École du Breuil. There I studied the naturalists’ collections of plant fossils and animal bones. While examining the relics of distant eras, I was struck by the realization that all life has souls, intertwined together, carrying a memory of the past forward. All we have to do is look closely enough to experience it.”

Her recent work is being exhibited at Mu Gallery in May.


Studio at Mana Contemporary



Mu Gallery
1541 W. Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60642


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plural -s
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The Circle of Life

Opening Reception 5/6 at 6pm