fbpx Mois du Dessin 2020 at PCA – BFA Fine Arts Workshop and PCA Talk — PCA

Mois du Dessin 2020 at PCA - BFA Fine Arts Workshop and PCA Talk

Hayen Kim, Faryn Loskot

The Mois du Dessin created by the Drawing Now Art Fair, will take place this March 2020 in various Parisian institutions and art centers.


The BFA Fine Arts Department will offer a drawing workshop using experimental tools developed and created by our MA/MFA Drawing students.


The workshop will be followed by an exhibition, a PCA Talk with guests Emilie McDermott and Nour Awada, and an opening reception hosted by L’Air Arts, Artists-in-Residence Program.

The l’Air Arts residents will be invited to test, play with, and explore analogue and digital drawing tools designed and instructed by our students, led by Chair of Foundation and founder of Drawing is Free Chloe Briggs, and Chair of MA/MFA Drawing Véronique Devoldère.

L’AiR Arts is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to support intercultural and artistic exchange through international art residencies, while promoting diversity, inclusion and international understanding through artistic and cultural heritage.

Founded in France, L’AiR is a French version of Artists-in-Residence, it can also be read as Lair, an artist’s lair or a studio/atelier where artist lives, works, and develops ideas – a space and time designed to support the creative process. Some would also like to think that the name is linked to Marcel Duchamp’s work “Air de Paris / Air of Paris”. All of the above interpretations are valid, choose the one you like!

Day 1 – Wednesday March 25, 2020

– 9am: drawing sessions begin.
– Participants are invited to select an analogue drawing tool and follow instructions for use written by the student who invented it.
– Participants are free to work with different tools throughout the workshop.
– Lunch break from 1-2 pm.
– Participants test drawing “machines” involving technology, designed by the MA/MFA Drawing students.

Day 2 – Thursday March 26, 2020

© Emilie McDermott, Practice Your Kegels, performance, 2019.

– 6:30pm: PCA Talks Presents: Emilie McDermott and Nour Awada (RE)PRODUCTION: Reframing Motherhood in Contemporary Art.

(Re)Production, reframing motherhood in contemporary art​ is a project led by artists Emilie McDermott and Nour Awada. What place is given to motherhood today in contemporary art? How can artists integrate motherhood within their art career? How can the art world give room for motherhood to have its own legitimate place?
Starting from these questions, McDermott and Awada have decided to create a digital platform – composed among other things of a podcast and interviews – that will help initiate this much needed debate on motherhood and art, as well as reframe the specific place of motherhood​ ​in art. From then on, the project will expand into other forms; such as collaborative projects, round tables and workshops.
This conference is the first public intervention of (Re)Production. The founding artists will discuss their project: its genesis, research and development. They will also invite an artist to talk about her experience as a mother and artist. The conference will be followed by a performance.

– 8pm: Exhibition opening reception hosted by L’Air Arts, Artists-in-Residence Program.