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Les Ateliers d'Aubusson x PCA: Winning Design!

aubusson tapstery winning design

The winning design of the Contemporary Tapestry Project with Les Ateliers d’Aubusson has been announced!

Congratulations to MA Fashion Design Class of ’17 Drífa Thoroddsen and Fine Arts Class of ’17 Hon Choo Lee!

“Crafting a heritage in the modern world – we seek to provide a new twist to this enchanting historic trade. Tapestries’ traditional depictions of greenery and mythology are refreshed with modern landscape, and a re-interpretation of fascinating legends.”



Drífa and Hon Choo integrated their favorite mythologies to the graffiti aesthetic prevalent in Paris: the dragon, Chinese symbol of prosperity and urðarköttur, Iceland’s evil cat.

This resonated with Les Ateliers d’Aubusson and they have decided to manufacture the design and sell it in their store and online platform.