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Founded in 2007, Drawing Now is the leading contemporary art fair in Europe dedicated to drawing as a primary means of art production.  As part of the Drawing Now calendar, PCA’s Véronique Devoldère, Chair of Drawing & Fine Arts and Chloé Briggs, Chair of Foundation & Coordinator of Drawing will be leading a Skype drawing workshop.

Initially done 10 years ago at the Cent Quatre Art Center the Paroles et Dessins workshop is a live, experimental drawing event. Students from two geographical locations (Paris, Manchester, London, and New York City) were paired up and interacted through Skype. One student (the “instructor”) gave verbal cues to guide the other student (the “instructed”) in drawing an object that the instructor could not name, and the instructed could not see. The drawing being created was projected on the computer screen, for both participants to see. When the task was completed the two students switched roles.

The ‘Paroles et Dessins’ exercise reveals a lot about the limits of verbal language and our ability to communicate the complexity of visual forms.

In this iteration, the workshop will be held on the PCA campus and will be filmed by Anne Kerner from Artvisions. PCA students will be participating from here in Paris, and we have invited candidates for Fall 2019 to participate from their location.

Learn more about the original Paroles & Dessins workshop.