fbpx Klaus Fruchtnis presents a paper at the 18th Festival Internacional de la Imagen — PCA

Klaus Fruchtnis presents a paper on "Citizen Art" at the 18th Festival Internacional de la Imagen

Festival Internacional de la Imagen

Since 1997, the Department of Visual Design in Manizales, Colombia, has hosted the International Image Festival.  This gathering of digital culture, throughout its 16 editions, has established an international network of institutions, researchers and artists who come together to exchange experiences and knowledge.  It has positioned itself as an event of international significance and academic reference in design, art, science and technology.

The exploration of cutting-edge issues, by bringing together various disciplines, is the main focus of the festival combined with a critical reflection on media and communications in contemporary times. This year, Klaus Fruchtnis will be presenting his paper entitled “Citizen Art: Individuality as a Force, Collectivism as a Reason for Survival”.

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2014 First International Market Design, Electronic Arts and Technology
2015 Ecology from Digital art / Fundación Telefónica Venezuela
2016 Balance-Unbalance Conference
2017 23rd International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2017 / France Digital – Year Colombia-France

Philip C. Londoño

Curatorial committee 
director CEIArtE UNTREF Argentina – Ricardo Dal Farra / Concordia University Canada
Dominique Moulon / Art critic and independent curator France.
Asher Remy-Toledo / director Hyphen Hub USA
Philip C. Londoño / Universidad de Caldas Colombia

More information www.festivaldelaimagen.com