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MTNM Collective Project with Paris- Sorbonne: Clamor of the Accordant

Clamor of the Accordant

The MA/MFA students in the Transdisciplinary New Media (MTNM) program are participating in a collaborative project for the symposium “Between Presence and Distance” by Paris-Sorbonne University.

The collective project “Clamor of the Accordant” will be displayed in a soirée gala on the second day of the conference on Friday November 17, 2017.

The symposium aims to study the possibilities and uses of digital technologies in the teaching/learning of languages
in universities. In particular, it creates a space to examine pedagogical proposals in universities, made possible thanks
to digital tools with the goal of personalization and engagement in learning.

Paris-Sorbonne University wanted to include a piece of an installation, video, or a performance that would speak to the state of digital technologies as they relate to language use or even language education.

The MTNM students, with the supervision, guidance, and participation of their lecturer Filipa Cruz therefore created the project Clamor of the Accordant. 

“In this piece, we examine language as a conduit for our thoughts, our presence, and our way of being.  There is a beauty in the discomfort that comes from learning a new language,  perhaps because it represents an adjustment to a new rhythm and cadence of being.  We learn languages to connect, but in the absence of a shared language, an understanding still exists.  Tone and intonation become the pleasant sound by which we gauge intention.  In the absence of shared words, we default to the implicit language of respect.”