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MDRW 2 - Start of New Masterclass

MDRW Student, Helene, working on a collaborative project for the masterclass.

On Monday, all the masters students had the research and methodology class, where the instructor, Lisa Salamandra, went over what students should be focusing on at this stage, which is getting the table of contents set up and preparing for the next works to turn in. For the rest of the course, students were able to have one on one sessions with Lisa or work on finishing their second round of thesis proposals, which were due at 5pm that day. This class was mostly a individual work session.

On Tuesday, MDRW students had the usual course with professor Chloe Briggs. During this class, students had one on one discussions with Chloe, explaining what route they are taking for their personal projects. Chloe gave students advice and artistic references to consider. Overall, it was more of a personal work day, starting on the final projects revolving the class theme, “The Body and its Senses.”

On Wednesday, MDRW had class with professor and department chair Véronique Devoldère, to further get feedback on their individual projects and what works and artists they are considering for inspiration.

Véronique gave students numerous artists to reference and research. MDRW students are to put together a book of artistic references, writings and works for the coming week.

On Saturday, MDRW students had the first masterclass with London based artist Diogo Pimentao. We spent the day getting to know Diogo and working together on drawing exercises.

The first exercise was to create a space on paper laid out on the ground where students and Diogo must work together and play off one another. Adding to the space, changing the space, or doing whatever one needed or wanted to do to the space. After students and Diogo deemed the project “done,” the paper was folded to create two books.