fbpx Honi Ryan: Silent Dinners — PCA

Silent Dinners, exhibition and performances by PCA graduate Faculty Honi Ryan

Honi Ryan, 'Silent Dinners: Memories of Silence', exhibition view. Automatic paintings, photographic and text performance documentation.
Photo by Lucy Foster

PCA graduate faculty Honi Ryan’s solo exhibition is currently on at project8 gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

The exhibition looks over the 16-year history of Ryan’s international performance art project, the ‘Silent Dinners’ @the.silent.dinners

It includes performances, automatic paintings in reflection of previous events, photographs, performance artefacts, participant responses, an audio recording, sculptural elements accumulated on site, and various material representations of collated data and inventory.

The ‘Silent Dinners’ (2006–23) is an international participatory performance project based around a group meal. It has to date comprised 58 events in 20 cities across 12 countries.

Silent Dinners exhibition and performances at Project8 Gallery, 2023 – Video by Colorfield Productions

Honi Ryan @honiryan is an artist, writer, and educator with a nomadic social practice. She uses techniques for mindfulness as performative guidelines on everyday activities, creating heightened encounters in daily life. Born in Melbourne and based between Berlin and Paris, Ryan has recently exhibited alongside artists including William Turner, Gustav Corbet, Guy Debord, Richard Long, Marina Abramović, Francis Älys, and Mona Hatoum.