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Hugh Dutton as Guest lecturer for "Creative Fluency" Conference


“Fluency in language is achieving familiarity with words to the extent that communicating with them appears effortless. We concentrate on what we want to say, rather than how we say it. At HDA, our words are the inspirations that provide the essentials of what is needed to realise our built works: materials, light, structure, the envelope, the environment, climate, understanding fabrication processes and workmanship … With these skills at our fingertips we strive to work for a synthesis of poetic intent and physical reality.” Hugh Dutton

Design by Data presents “Creative Fluency” a conference that takes part in their OFF Masters. Based on the work of Hugh Dutton’s agency, the aim will be to understand the relationship between the famous architect and their program.

As a guest lecturer, Hugh Dutton will take us through his journey as a designer, his recent jointly written publication “Structural Glass”, regarded as a seminal work by the profession and finally, his agency, Hugh Dutton Associés.

Registration is mandatory.

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