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'Inhabit' Project - A PCA, Central Saint Martins, Eurostar Collaboration


Paris College of Art Foundation students are collaborating with students from Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) and Eurostar in a semester long Inhabit project.

Take two cities and their main train stations (2.5 hours apart) as a point of departure, take two celebrated arts institutions: Central Saint Martins in London and Paris College of Art, and ask the question: what defines who I am? where I am right now?

Thecollaboration, now in its second year, was initiated in September 2014 by the two Foundation chairs Chloe Briggs (PCA) and Chris Roberts (CSM) after they noticed how close the schools are situated respectively to Gare du Nord and Saint Pancras International and how easy it is to travel between them even though they are in different countries.

The two schools will collaborate via travel (sponsored by Eurostar), skype, snail mail and digital live conferences throughout the fall semester. A panel of judges from Eurostar will select the winning projects from each school that will be exhibited at the Eurostar station in London at the end of the project.

Throughout the semester, Foundation student Aditi Kashyap and Louise Skajem will be documenting the process:

TASK 1 – Monday 5th October 2015:

Who are you? Where do you inhabit? What kind of space do you inhabit? How often do you inhabit it? Do you have temporary or permanent spaces you inhabit? How do you inhabit? What is it to inhabit? What do you consider your habitat – is it something you wear, operate or use…?

Document your immediate environment/place that you inhabit. This could be your room, your journey to school, a café, a park bench, your bed…

Find many creative ways to explore and record this space. This collection of visual/audio/written documents should fit into the 33cm x 26cm envelope provided.

Your envelope will be sent to another student in Paris/London and (just as a detective would) he or she will respond in writing what they decipher about you and your environment.

Students have come up with a number of interesting interpretations to this brief, documenting their homes, classrooms, their clothes and for some who haven’t settled into the new city yet, their homelessness. They have used visual, auditory and written works for documentation. The envelopes have been submitted and sent, and students on both ends now await responses.

Keep watching this space for more about the project as it progresses!

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