fbpx Join us for the Opening of PCA x PAIRS Project — PCA

Join us for the Opening of PCA x PAIRS Project


Paris College of Art presented PCA x PAIRS PROJECT, a photographic exhibition showcasing the result of the collaboration between PCA’s MA in Fashion Film & Photography program and the editor-in-chief of Pairs Project, Anna Barr. Pairs Project is an annual print bookzine exploring formats and dogmas of fashion representations and storytelling.

“With Pairs, we want a certain level of honesty to be found, where your eyes aren’t manipulated by post-production favouring fleeting moments instead. When you remove the commercial aspect to photography, which usually dominates fashion, you see the truth. While everyone was given creative freedom and guidance in the editorial process, we wanted to see the truth in the photographers’ produced work. The spectrum of places, faces, themes and fashion in the PCA series are more reflective of the world we live in than what is usually portrayed in commercial work. What was most exciting was seeing how the photographers captured Paris, from featuring brands based here, locations, working alongside locals and in some cases exposing a very personal, self-reflective side to their work as found in the series by Lili Mirab and Alma Rosaz.”
-Anna Barr, Editor-in-Chief of Pairs Project

“The PCA x PAIRS collaboration was an excellent experience. Creative freedom, honest feedback and the potential for exposure. A fun project that led to great memories and great bodies of work from all involved.”
-Chase McCurdy, MA in Fashion Film & Photography

Learn more about the PCA x PAIRS PROJECT.

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