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MDES Blog: Staying Inspired During Lockdown

Jackson Pollock
An illustrated book about the artist.

This month provided a much different learning environment for students at PCA.
As of October 30, France started new confinement measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
As much as we all loved chatting during our class breaks and having lunch together every day, we had to follow the rules and transition to online learning.

Since the new confinement measures, most of us have stayed in Paris for the time being and get to share glimpses of our homes each day on zoom.
For Vandyaa, who arrived in Paris just after the new confinement was announced, online classes had become the norm throughout the semester.
While we haven’t had the same opportunities to chat candidly between classes, our teachers have made the transition to a virtual classroom quite smooth.
In addition to learning virtually, we’re all adjusting to staying home more often in our own unique ways.

We asked the MDES class of 2021 what they were doing to pass the time at home to keep their spirits up and stay inspired.


Ali has returned home and is now enjoying the fresh air of the English countryside. During the first lockdown, she took a two month yoga and meditation course which was really helpful for her mental state. Most recently, she baked a lovely sourdough bread. Another one of Ali’s lockdown hobbies is weaving!


Annie has been frequently visiting the bookstore OFR to pick up a new unfamiliar publication every week. She’s been passing the time learning about new creative mediums that she doesn’t have expertise in like photography, film, and fashion. Annie describes it as an exciting creative surprise since she never knows what she will bring home from the bookstore!
Another lockdown routine for Annie is watching a film every day. “I try to switch up between classics, contemporary, French, English, etc. I love film and it’s been such a good conversation starter recently between my friends and I!”


Carolina has been nurturing her creativity as a designer by creating Pinterest mood boards and taking a Masterclass by Kelly Wearstler. She has been getting inspired a lot recently by fashion trends and interior design.


Kymberly has been passing the time during the lockdown by learning about motion graphics and some 3D modelling. She has been using the extra time at home to practice using software like Adobe After Effects and trying to make Instagram filters with Spark AR. Kymberly has also been excited to start drawing more often again!


Raffaella has since returned home to Brazil to be with her family. She hasn’t had much extra time but is still continuing some of her hobbies like yoga, meditation, cooking special meals, and jogging or hiking outdoors.


Earlier this year, Suzanne stumbled upon a series of graphic novels about artists that has been very inspiring for her. These novels feature well-known artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, and others. She has also been enjoying some Domestika creative courses.


“I love LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda, to polish and learn new skills. I’ve taken courses on everything from web design and typography, to figure drawing and how to give a toast at a wedding. I find it to be a fun platform to learn a program or find a new one in my free time.”


“I make sure I go for jog or do a workout three times a week, I meditate every day and maintain a gratitude diary to keep myself sane and grateful for what I have. I also switch off all screens half an hour before bed to make sure I have fresh eyes for the next morning’s class!”