MFA Alumna Dami Kim: First Post-Graduate Show at the Galerie du Crous de Paris

Line 2 poster

MFA Transdisciplinary New Media class of ’19 alumna Dami Kim had her first post-graduate show at the Galerie du Crous de Paris with two artists, Yue Yuan and Léa Ducos.

Dami’s work focuses on a social interaction in modern society, which is characterized as egocentrism under the surveillance of others. Dami draws and reveals a modern shape of human in her performances. For her, performance is more powerful than other forms of art, because of its ephemerality and the physical presence of both the artist and audience.

During the finissage of the exhibition, Dami presented Line 2 performance on Saturday 18 January, 2020.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play.
A locution known for breaking authority. Such indifference is proposed by Dami, Léa and Yue. Together, they practice the freedom of total improvisation. They cherish being ephemeral, fragile, and poetic. The actions will proceed during the days of the exhibition. Each day, there will be a little or much change in its scenography. “We want to celebrate the present moment of life”. Be it a groove, a dance… or something else.

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